About Us

JSC “PATIKIMUMO GARANTAS” is a company, providing accounting, taxing and financial services. Our company is represented by highly experienced accountants and taxing experts, who have acquired their practical knowledge in financial accounting of various profiles and most complicated companies. We are happy with our successful cooperation not only with Lithuanian, but also with foreign entrepreneurs by providing them with high quality services and solutions. Company consultants may suggest a wide spectrum of services and consult on various subjects about Lithuanian and European Union accounting and taxing, as well as international taxation. 

In the modern business world, when solving the problem of company’s management of financial accounting a problem is faced – whether to employ an individual accounting expert or entrust the accounting management to a legal body. In order to make a decision it is necessary to assess all “pros” and “cons” of determinant circumstances. According to a recent market analysis, also by the assumption of “PATIKIMUMO GARANTAS”, the accounting management offered to you with the help of the company has more advantages:

  • each problematic question is solved by a group of specialists;
  • a monthly payment is lower than the charge for an individual accountant;
  • the company reduces the risk of malpractice of an individual accountant;
  • protection of commercial confidence is secured by a service agreement;
  • risk of a possible damage is covered by civil liability insurance.

When managing financial accounting the client only needs to provide initial accounting documents, the accumulation of which may be organize by “PATIKIMUMO GARANTAS” itself.. After having processed the initial accounting documents, our company prepares all reports and declarations and delivers them to corresponding institutions (VMI, SODRA, department of statistics, etc.). If your accounting was managed wrongly or if you are not sure about the expertise of your former accounting employee, our company is able to audit and settle your accounting. Recently a considerable need of financial analysis is felt: we are not able to provide you with sales profitability, assets or owner property return and other index estimations, to assess your future partner or debtor.

“PATIKIMUMO GARANTAS” does not concentrate only on the service of technical accounting, like most of our competitors. Modern-day opportunities of Lithuanian entrepreneurs often require versatile qualification and non-traditional solutions. Constantly changing standard acts of law, new EU requirements is a big difficulty for an individually hired employee. “PATIKIMUMO GARANTAS” solves all these problems together with the lawyer’s office.

“PATIKIMUMO GARANTAS” offers the whole complex of services to its clients and my choosing us you can determine the scope of received services according to your personal needs. By offering its services our company liberates you from the above-mentioned concerns and allows you to concentrate all your efforts to your main goal.