Accounting services

The accounting company JSC “Patikimumo garantas” puts the main stress on bookkeeping, accounting, taxing and financial planning services. The company seeks to be a reliable partner for its clients when planning financial and taxing strategies, seeking to increase your income after tax and reduce taxes of natural and legal bodies. We help to acknowledge problematic areas and look for ways to solve them. Entrust your company accounting to us and you will be able to concentrate on your products and clients. The accounting company offers the whole spectrum of bookkeeping services.
The bookkeeping services that we provide include management of financial and taxing accounting, consultations regarding bookkeeping issues, consultations regarding taxing issues, preparation of financial reports according to the need of the client (we will prepare monthly financial reports of a company, which allows to better observe the financial state of the company, its income and money flow), wage estimation (we will estimate wages, necessary tax deduction income, print wage slip and summary, prepare comprehensive wage register), declaration management and filling, filling of company statistical reports. The accounting company also provides the following services: resource accounting, taxing accounting, income accounting, goods accounting, VAT accounting, money accounting, expenditure accounting. Besides the above-mentioned services we also provide qualified consultations about issues and advantages of the client company’s bookkeeping, specifics of bookkeeping and innovations in the field of taxing.
Taxing regulations become more complex each year. Noncompliance or ignorance may condition large interest and fines. Correct understanding and use of taxing privileges may considerably reduce expenses. Our taxing accountants are ready to help you follow all applicable taxing acts of law and thus reduce its tax burden. Our accounting services include preparation of tax return (preparation of corporation tax return, preparation of wage fund tax return, tax planning), representation when analysing taxing analysis, evaluation of taxing influence in investment planning and other financial services, required by our clients.