Management of accounting

Bookkeeping is a system of economic operations and economic events, expressed monetarily, registration, grouping and generalization.
Professional management of company accounting is an indicator of effective company activity. The company calculates expenses, income, profit. It also pays various taxes. Thus it is necessary to keep count of company activity and to formalize all processes in documents, like it is required by applicable laws and standard acts. Fair and reliable system of company accounting management determines successful activity.
Accounting system is conditioned by the legal form of an economic subject, the extent of an economic subject, nature of activity and proprietary form. All economic operations and economic activity must be included into accounting. Economic subjects, which manage the accounting, make a twofold record. Companies fill in an accounting register.
Management of accounting includes documentation, inventorization, invoicing, twofold record, calculation, balance.
Management of company’s bookkeeping requires special knowledge. Thus it is to the purpose to entrust it to a qualified company, providing company accounting management services, for example, the JSC “Patikimumo garantas”.
The accounting company was established for providing business consulting services for small and medium companies. Throughout the period of two years our company has grown in order to satisfy the requirements of its clients. Today we provide full accounting, bookkeeping, salary, taxing, business consulting and financial services. Professional, qualified employees work in our company and they will fulfil all your needs.
JSC “Patikimumo garantas” works in order to help you make right business accounting solutions, so that you could increase the profitability of your company.
Our company offers to supervise accounting and administration functions in your company, consult regarding all taxing and financial issues, including tax planning, accounting management and audit services.