JSC “Patikimas auditas” offers companies audit and related services

Audit of financial reports (annual, intermediate, consolidated)
Agreed procedures
Activity audit

The goal of financial report selection audit is to assess whether financial reports of a company are prepared according to legal acts, applicable in the Republic of Lithuania, which regulate bookkeeping and formation of financial reports as well as business accounting standards and / or international accounting and international financial liability standards.

The goal of financial report run-throughs is to provide an opportunity to declare to an auditor whether something was observed, that made an impression to an auditor that financial reports in all meaningful aspects are not prepared according to requirements, set for financial reports, bearing in mind the procedures, which do not provide all evidence obtainable after performing the audit.

The goal of appointed procedures task is for an auditor to perform procedures of audit nature, agreed upon by the auditor, the company and all adequate third parties, and to provide a report about actual remarks.

The main goal of the activity audit is revelation of improvement possibilities of the company activity.