Company liquidation

Company liquidation – without concerns

Company liquidation is a termination of a legal body, when its activity is discontinued and the rights and duties are not passed to other legal bodies. Company liquidation may be voluntary or forced, however, in both cases it is a complicated legal procedure.

For the company liquidation to run smoothly, according to all legal act requirements, without giving you further concerns, we suggest that you entrust the liquidation of an individual company or a joint stock company to professionals – experts of the JSC “Patikimumo garantas”.

After taking the decision to liquidate a company, a liquidator is appointed and a service provision agreement is signed. A liquidator is a person, who performs all liquidation procedures until the legal body is unregistered from the legal body registry. From the time of appointment a liquidator takes over all company management functions and the smoothness of the company liquidation depends on his expertise and regularity. A company is liquidated when the legal body is unregistered from the legal body registry.

Company liquidation procedures

When administering the company liquidation process, experts of the JSC “Patikimumo garantas” will perform the following procedures:

– prepare documents, necessary for performing liquidation procedures, and present them to appropriate institutions;
– take care of receiving certificates, necessary for completing liquidation procedures;
– prepare accounting documents for the archive;
– prepare final financial reports and declarations.