Why is it worth entrusting bookkeeping to us? 

Nowadays only big companies can afford to have a bookkeeping service, create expensive workplaces for their employees or employ a qualified bookkeeping expert. Thus it is common in Lithuania that for small and medium companies bookkeeping, taxing and financial services are provided by companies, providing professional services in this field. One of them is the JSC “PATIKIMUMO GARANTAS”.

Highly experienced bookkeeping and taxing experts with university degree and lots of practical knowledge in the field of taxing, financial accounting and company finance management of various profiles work in this company.

A comprehensive market analysis has shown that saving in the modern business world is one of the prerequisites of success. It is advantageous to employ a company for bookkeeping not only because the monthly payment is lower than the charge for an individual accountant. The following reasons are no less important:

– Each problematic issue is dealt with by a group of experienced and qualified experts;
– The company reduces the risk in case of malpractice of individual bookkeeping specialist;
– Protection of commercial confidence is secured by a service agreement;
– Risk of a possible damage is covered by civil liability insurance;
– Bookkeeping services provided by the JSC “Patikimumo garanto” are direct expenditure, thus social security and residents’ income tax are saved, if compared with the case when the employed bookkeeping expert in a natural person.

In order for the bookkeeping to be managed professionally, conveniently and quickly, the JSC “Patikimumo garantas” uses modern bookkeeping management programmes and works remotely – via internet. The client only needs to provide initial accounting documents or entrust their collection to the JSC “PATIKIMUMO GARANTAS” experts. After having processed the initial bookkeeping data, our employees will prepare all required reports and declarations and deliver them to corresponding institutions (VMI, SODRA, department of statistics, etc.).