Establishment of a JSC

Establishment of a JSC is relatively complicated in Lithuania: people, intending to start their own business might really get frightened by large stacks of documents, which will need to be filled and bureaucracy hallways, which will need to be passed. And everywhere they will need to pay.

The ones who have decided to engage in JSC foundation will first need to visit the registry center. Here you will be given a certificate about the reservation of a JSC name. The second step is for a JSC founder to make a joint stock company foundation agreement which needs to be introduced to a bank in order to form a JSC authorized capital. Other documents, which depend on the number of shareholders, are also needed – a JSC foundation agreement, protocol, JAR1, company shareholders’ list (if there are more shareholders) or the decision of the only JSC founder and the act of foundation.

In the bank you will have to present the JSC foundation agreement and open an accumulative company account for forming the authorized capital of the JSC. Shareholders bring their own share of the authorized capital to this account. The bank signs a certificate about the formation of the authorized capital of the JSC. 

Then it is necessary to address a notary. Then one has to go to a registry center and provide company regulations and JAR1, the consent of the owner of premises, where the JSC is registered, is needed. If the premises are yours, then you need to provide a document with proprietary rights. You will pay 199 litas / 57,63 € for registering a joint stock company. Three days later you will receive an extract from the registry center. 

However, the work is not finished – it is necessary to make a JSC seal.

After long wandering you finally have a result: including notary services, establishment of a joint stock company will cost you around 800 – 900 LTL / 231,70 – 260,66 €. However, if you would entrust the services to the professionals from the JSC “Patikimumo garantas”, which provides JSC establishment, liquidation, bookkeeping, taxing and financial services, then we would do everything for you. You can check – we will save your – company establisher’s – time, nerves and money. Experts at the JSC “Patikimumo garantas” are always informed about changes in laws, thus you will not need to waste your time because of the constantly changing rules or laws.

You decided to entrust the establishment of a JSC to the experts of the JSC “Patikimumo garantas”? You chose correctly – sooner or later they will provide you with useful solutions. One of them is how to better manage bookkeeping.